We Love Cars!

Maintaining our own cars was something we did in my family. Influenced by that and simply not having the means to afford to pay for others to do car work for me, I learned to do all car maintenance myself. Once I had worked on my own cars for several years, I picked up side work during college repairing others cars for them for a fraction of the cost of a regular mechanic. 15 years of learning to “figure it out” out of necessity led to a money making hobby of mine. I don’t mind most car repairs. (Most!) And enjoy sharing what I know with others so they can benefit to learn to care for their car themselves as well.

I have saved friends and family tens of thousands of dollars on their automobiles with purchases, repairs, and maintenance by sharing with them what I know about cars and hope to save you money and headaches as well.

I have experience purchasing 10 vehicles myself and have had great successes in car ownership. I have made some mistakes along the way, but sharing what I have learned will save you lots of money as you buy and care for your car! I aim to provide you with the secret tips to be a “car guy” or gal!, and save truckloads of money at the same time!

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