Are Performance Tools Any Good?

I found a local auto parts store that has been around for years and is run by guys behind the counter that are actual mechanics. Most of the guys behind the counter actually have more experience than I do which is most helpful when looking for parts and tools. I was intrigued when I found […]


Pittsburg Wrenches From Harbor Freight: Are They Any Good?

Harbor Freight sells tools at such a great discount that some deals are just too good to be true! Well are they? How about Pittsburg wrenches sold by Harbor Freight. Are they worth the money? Harbor Freight wrenches are not good enough quality to rely on for professional use or to be used with greater


Harbor Freight Floor Jacks: A Good Price but Are They Safe?

No one should have to use a screw-type car jack or a tiny bottle jack to do regular maintenance on their car. Even for emergency use, the jacks equipped with vehicles are slow and difficult to use. Look for a replacement car jack, and it turns out they are expensive, and heavy! Harbor Freight has

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