5 Ways to Open Glove Box Without a Key

The glove box containing your registration and other important paperwork is locked shut! Whether it is due to a lost key, a broken handle or a worn out key that no longer opens the glove box, here are a few ways to open the glove box anyways. Many have found themselves in the same place and here you will find the info that you need to open your glove box without a key!

The best options to open a glove box without a key are:

1. Try using the ignition key or wiggling another key in the glove box.

2. Pick the lock yourself with professional tools.

3. Remove the hinge on the bottom side of the glove box.

4. Force a small tool behind the latch if the handle is broken.

5. Have a locksmith re-key the lock.

Glove box locks are generally not very tough and with a few tips are very easy to pick.

Open The Glove Box Without a Key

There are 6 great ways to get a locked glove box open without a key and the final is to call the locksmith but the first five are very simple and here are the first methods to give you some ideas of what you can do to get the glove box open!

Open Glove Box

Do not drill out the lock! It is a common thought to take a drill gun to the lock and just drill a giant hole in it so it is rendered useless and then replace it later. If you take your drill to it, you will most likely break the drill bit, crack the door of your glove box, and make a huge mess in the process. All of the following ideas are better than drilling out the lock.

If you’ve lost your key, this is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at lock picking and glove box locks are generally very low security and easy to pick.

If you feel that is out of your realm well then you are best off removing the hinge.

Regardless, lets begin with the most simple things you can try first to get your glove box open without the key!

1. Wiggle another key in the glove box lock

The glove box lock should be keyed to be the same as your ignition key! Try that key first.

Now, perhaps the key is worn out, or the lock is stuck and you’ve already tried the ignition key. Well, try a different car key in case it is the key that is worn.

If those do not work the try a couple other keys that you have laying around and find one that fits in the lock and gently wiggle it around.

You will be surprised at how wiggling and jiggling will bring results. Also try the ignition key that you already tried but put pressure on the key (gently!) in different directions while you wiggle it and try to turn it (again gently!).

A bit of lubricant can be helpful on a jammed or stuck lock.

Head to Amazon to order some Dry Lock Lubricant at Amazon to tackle this job right.

While you are ordering stuff to crack this case, you may want to consider the next option to pick the lock to open your locked glove box and add a kit to your cart!

2. Picking The Lock Yourself

You can pick the glove box lock very easily. A lock picking set costs less than 25 dollars and this is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and learn to pick a lock.

Glove box locks do not have very precise tumblers. Wiggling a key that may fit in there like your ignition key should be able to wiggle it enough to get it open but since that didn’t work, an amateur with the right tools can manipulate the tumblers to open the lock.

For more information on how to pick the lock set, check out The Lock Picking Lawyer on YouTube. He has incredible content and you will be able to find some information for how to learn lock picking.

3. Remove the hinge to open the glove box without the key

Removal of the hinge to open the glove box without a key is a great option for older cars. Newer cars are often less accessible and may not have hinge bolts accessible.

To open the glove box without a key by removing the hinge screws, you must:

  • Remove any trim, panels covering the hinge.
  • Pry the bottom of the glove box door away from the dash.
  • Insert your hand or a screwdriver up to the locking mechanism.
  • Slide the glove box door downwards and out to remove it.
Glove Box Mounting Bolt

This may be the cleanest method once you have tried using keys without damaging the glove box. By inspecting the bottom of the glove box door you should be able to assess if this is feasible. It all depends on whether or not you can gain access to the hinge screws. If you do not, then try one of the other options.

Also, this is NOT the easiest method. For most, laying upside down to unscrew the glove box hinge is not a good solution. That is why I highly recommend method 4!

Glove Box open with tool behind the latch

4.Use a Tool Behind the Latch Handle

The plastic handle may be the reason why your car key does not work to open the glove box.

The handle normally connects to the linkage that opens and closes the latch and if the plastic connection has broken, the handle will move but nothing will happen.

Fortunately, glove box locks are not very secure and if you simply pull open on the handle, you will be able to see some of the metal linkage behind the latch. By inserting a thin flathead screwdriver or other similar tool, it is very feasible to manipulate the linkage and open the lock.

Press the tool in behind the latch and by moving it and prying on the door, you will be able to get the glove box open.

Just as done in this video for example!

5. Call a locksmith to open the glovebox without the key

As long as you are the owner, a locksmith will have no problem picking the lock and even can provide a replacement key or lock entirely.

I don’t mean a key cutting place like home depot or Lowe’s but rather search for a traditional locksmith in your area. They will be able to pick the lock for you and even re-key it so this doesn’t happen again! This should cost you about 100$ and more for a new lock assembly.

How to get a new Key or Lock for my Glove Box?

To get a new key for your glove box, inspect the back of the key cylinder for a number. Call your dealership of whatever make car you have and with that key number they will be able to order a new key for you.

Auto part stores also stock new lock assemblies based on your year make and model and you will just have a new key for it.

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