Breathalyzed and Instructed to Get a Ride Home – What Does That Mean?

I was breathalyzed and after what instructed by the police officer to park my car somewhere and get a ride home. What does that mean?

Having several close friends in law enforcement and friends suffering the consequences of a DUI, the penalties can be very severe and in this case the police officer is cutting you some slack!

What does it mean if you were breathalyzed and then instructed to get a ride home?

Your alcohol levels were not enough to arrest you but they were potentially enough to give you a DUI and the officer is giving you a break. It means you should be grateful you did not receive a DUI and call a friend or get a ride from a ride share app.

You may have been close to the legal limit for alcohol in your blood or the officer was just nice and cut you a break. Either way, be grateful and get a ride home!

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Instructed to Get a Ride Home after Breathalyzer Test

Receiving a DUI is costly and remains on your record for a very long time. If you were fortunate enough to be pulled over after drinking and were let off with a warning, do what the officer said and get a ride home!

You just skipped out on a costly ticket, higher insurance rates, and a ding on your record that potentially never goes away.

Park your car somewhere close by in a safe area and call a friend to pick you up.

Or get an UBER ride home!

Marginal Alcohol Levels

The officer probably liked you and believes you to be a good citizen just getting home and underestimated the number of drinks you had. It is easy to do and most of us don’t check out alcohol levels before driving home.

If your alcohol level had been too high above the limit, he certainly would have written you a ticket. It could be that you were at or just above or below the limit and the officer cut you a break.

Be grateful for the chance to phone a friend or pay for a ride home and do it!

Getting a Ride Home in the Middle of the Night

Where to Park Car Overnight Getting a Ride Home

A Walmart parking lot or similar store is a safe place to park your car overnight. Walmart is a good choice since often they are open 24 hours a day, and have large parking lots where you will not be bothering the business taking up a parking space till the following day.

Residential streets are also a fine place to leave your car. Simply park it on the street and come back to pick it up the next day. Just check the signs for any permits that are required or prohibited parking places and it will be just fine!

If I Get Pulled Over and Just Get a Warning Does it go on my Record?

A traffic violation or ticket does show up on your record but a warning from being pulled over does not. There is no record of the warnings that you have received.

A warning does not go on your “record” other than your license plate search on the dispatch record and if the police officer catalogues. Many officers make a record of all the people they come in contact with although it is only for future reference.

But as for your “police record” that has to do with arrests and convictions, a warning does not go on that record.

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