Are Performance Tools Any Good?

I found a local auto parts store that has been around for years and is run by guys behind the counter that are actual mechanics. Most of the guys behind the counter actually have more experience than I do which is most helpful when looking for parts and tools. I was intrigued when I found that their primary tool brand sold by them is Performance Tools. I had to do some investigating to determine if the brand was good.

Are Performance Tools Any Good?

Performance Tools make affordable good quality automotive hand tools that are in general a good choice for the DIY mechanic. Performance Tools is owned by Willmar Corporation and most of the tools are manufactured in Taiwan.

At an affordable price and with well designed tool kits, Performance Tools is a good choice for a DIY tool kit, an emergency car tool kit, or to fill your tool selection with a few tools you may be missing.

With a wide selection of tools, you are able to purchase the tools you need without breaking the bank, but from my experience and experience of others that have owned the tools, some are made better than others and so here are some good things to know about them.

Performance Tools are a Good Quality High Value Purchase

Where are Performance Tools Made?

Most of Performance Tools are made in Taiwan.

Who Makes Performance Tools?

Performance Tools is a brand owned by Willmar Corporation located in Renton, Washington. Performance Tool has become one of the biggest distributors of automotive tools in America.

What Tools Does Performance Tools Make?

Performance Tools makes:

Hand tools, sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, specialty tools, etc.

Performance Tools makes pliers and screwdrivers and sockets that are above average. They do not meet professional standards but for the occasional repair or car maintenance they are more than acceptable.

My Recommendations

Recommended Tool Kit

I recommend Performance Tool as a good emergency kit to keep in the car. Without breaking the bank you can have a good selection of wrenches, sockets, pliers, etc. ready to go at any time.

Here you can see my full page of Recommended Car Stuff.

Everyone needs a good quality, affordable, and complete screwdriver set for their garage. Like this set of Performance Tool Screwdrivers.

Some Performance Tools are Better Than Others

While on average the tools are very good and receive overall very positive reviews and are recommended, some of the tools are better than others. I have noticed that the allen wrenches with T-handles are rather cheap and will probably not last long. The Performance Tool ratchet seems acceptable and better than some.

I recommend finding high quality wrenches and sockets for every day use or if used professionally but for the occasional job or general car maintenance and repairs, a brand like Performance Tool will is worth it.

Performance Tools are just fine and are a good value purchase for screwdrivers, small sockets, specialty tools, and emergency tool kits.

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