Turn On and Off the Panic Alarm (And How to Disable it!)

Turn On The Panic Alarm

Turn on the panic alarm by pressing and holding the panic button on your key fob for at least one second and release.

Otherwise the other way to turn the panic alarm button on is leave the key fob in your pocket and any time you lean over or bump your pocket the alarm will sound.

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Turn Off the Panic Alarm

Turn off the panic alarm by:

  1. Press the panic button a second time
  2. Starting the car and drive at least 5mph
  3. Lock and Unlock the driver’s side door with the key
  4. Disconnect the car battery
  5. After 3 minutes the alarm will go off by itself

The general programming of the panic alarm button in almost all cars is hold the button to turn on panic mode. Press the panic button again to turn off panic mode.

If the panic mode button is a continuously repeating issue, you may have a low battery in the key fob so replace the battery first. You may also be considering disabling panic mode. Who uses that anyway? Here is how to disable the panic mode button on your key fob.

What Does the Panic Alarm Do?

When the panic alarm is triggered, the headlights and interior lights will illuminate, the park lights will flash, and the horn will honk.

The panic alarm is designed to be a quick easy way for a car owner to sound an alarm if they are in distress.

It can be comforting and is a helpful emergency distress call. It should not be disabled if possible, but sometimes they have been designed so poorly that if they do not work properly, they should be removed or disabled.

Disable the Panic Alarm Button

If your key fob is continually bumped by sitting on it, your kids press it, it can get old really quickly. Some cars especially Ford F150s have the issue that the panic button is much too sensitive! The life saving device has become so obtrusive that some owners are disabling it!

And why not disable it, you can always shout for help rather than reach for your car keys.

Here are a few ideas to disable the panic button on your key fob:

  1. Disassemble the key fob and cut out the contact for the panic button. https://youtu.be/bBQ7hFvo2DM
  2. Apply epoxy or another glue to inside the edges around the panic button
  3. Remove the rubber panic button
  4. Remove the car alarm fuse! This is the most effective method without permanent modification to your expensive key fob. The fuse is simply labeled “alarm”
Disable the Panic Alarm Button
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